Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii you like to play?

Is that what those Japanese guys say in the commercials? That's what it sounds like to me.

So a while ago I said I was going to post videos of people playing Wii. Here's a few. I had a little get together--and true to form, the neighbors upstairs came down eventually to ask us to keep it down. But we had a good time anyway. Here's a few people playing tennis.

I love watching people play for the first time. Did you see how hard Justin swung at that thing?! Awesome. Here's another one.

In this one, Tiffany pegs Katey in the arm, then Justin acts the age old question, "Is there anything I can do to move my guy?" The answer? Nope, sorry pal. All ya gotta do is swing.

And here's one more.

This is Katey and Tiffany duking it out in boxing. Watching people play for the first time is awesome, but watching girls box for the first time (or even the tenth) is just funny. No offense friends. It is what it is.

So wanna see how good you are the first time? Just let me know! Wii can play any time. ;-)


Elizabeth Ward. said...

Wii rocks! The other day I had a sore muscle in my arm and my first thought was did I play Wii? How sad is it that playing Wii makes me sore. I love the Wii. Thanks for sharing your Wii with me.

Robin said...

I have never tried the Wii.
I'm pretty sure I would look Wii-diculous.

Tyler and Cassidy said...

I'm pretty sure that the guys just say "Wii like to play" minus that you part. The first time I played tennis I thought I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. It was pretty hilarious to everyone without a hurting shoulder.