Sunday, May 18, 2008

St. Georges's Crack (or St. George Part 2)

So when did people start to call a visible butt crack "butt cleavage"? I mean, it's not nearly as enticing as normal cleavage, and calling it that sorta glorifies it inappropriately. Probably more accurate than praising the glory of bums is that it's just sarcasm at work making fun of it while trying to sound more fresh and cool. But butt cleavage is not what this post is about... not remotely. But now you'll think of bums every time you read "The Crack" in this post. Part of me thinks I should apologize for that, but part of me thinks it's kinda funny. And without even further rambling, I give you the actual blog post...

While in St. George, everyone got the opportunity to see what Christy affectionately calls "The Crack." It's a tiny little fissure in the earth in the barren, red rock wilderness of St. George. It's really interesting. And you've got to be skinny to get through it. So, needless to say, I didn't really attempt it, but I got some pictures.

This one is just at the beginning of The Crack. It gets a little less roomy beyond this point.

This one is in the same place, but looking out instead of in.

This is where it gets really tight. I got up to just a bit beyond Krista (the girl in the khaki pants and navy shirt) and had to stop. In fact, if you click on the picture, you can probably see my legs beyond her and to the right.

Here's a shot of the Skinny folk that actually got through.

And here's a shot looking from the top of The Crack down into the people below.

And that's basically it. Danny and I didn't really fit, so we found a different way up to the top.

See? This spot is not nearly as bad. Just a couple parts where I had to really use my non-existent upper body strength. That made me a little tired, then subsequently sore.

But in Danny's defense, he's really not a big guy. This crack was only for the uber skinny. Danny tried to get through twice, but to no avail. Our little jaunt up to the top was more fun anyway.

I realize I could have just added this to the last post, but that one was very, VERY long and by the time I got all those videos uploaded, I was DONE writing about this trip. Consequently, I haven not included pictures or description about going to Iggy's Bar and Grill for lunch just before going to the crack, but really, all we did was eat lunch. Nothing quite as exciting as The Crack. Hope you've enjoyed all the pictures!


Elizabeth Ward. said...

Oh man. Looking at everyone sqeezed into that crack makes my stomache hurt. I would rather watch that discusting video of the stitches.

Christy said...

In my family we call it "beavage". :)

Tyler and Cassidy said...

I grew up down in the "Georgetown" and we call this place "Fat Man's Misery" though you are completely right about it being for the uber skinny. I haven't tried it since I was like 12.