Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grand Central Station

After our nap, we didn't have a set plan of what to do, so I suggested going to Grand Central Station, since we had to take the subway anyway. From there, we could wander the streets of Manhattan and see the sites.

Grand Central Station is pretty cool. It was talked up a lot to me by a coworker, so It wasn't as awesome as I had hoped. I wonder if we actually got to see everything there that there is to see. My coworker told me that there was an archway that if you stand at opposite ends of it, facing the wall, you can talk into the wall and hear each other as if you are standing right next to each other. Well, we didn't find that archway... oh well.

The ceiling of the main hall of grand Central has all sorts of constellations on it.

And the giant windows have some really cool chandeliers hanging next to them. In the middle of the day, it's really bright in there. I imagine it looks really cool at night, too.

We also took pictures with the big clock that is in the middle of the main hall. It's a cool looking clock, but again, my expectations were that it was unearthly huge and extravagant. It is big, but not quite as impressive as I hoped.

But don't get me wrong, I was really loving it there and totally excited to be in NYC! Here's a shot of us all together.

We didn't stay there long, but while we were there, we saw this monk, apparently waiting for someone to come pick him up. It kind of spoke to me (a little) of what NYC was going to be like. All sorts of things I've never seen before, seemingly out of place, but part of the melting pot of cultures that exist in New York. Maybe it was a little disrespectful to take his picture without him knowing, but he was such an anomaly--and I'd never seen an actual monk in robes and all--that we couldn't pass it up. Tiffany and Elissa pretended to pose while Katey and I took a picture of him. Katey's picture is better. And here it is.

The most impressive thing to me was when we stepped out of Grand Central. We stepped out, looking down Daved Ben-Gurion Place. This is what I think of when I think of NYC.

Skyscrapers as far as you can see down both sides of the road, traffic backed up, mostly consisting of taxi cabs, and loads of pedestrians. It was really neat. We hadn't been in the middle of so many buildings yet, so this was really cool to me.

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Robin said...

Great stories, great photos.
I love that pic of the monk.
I'm going back to NYC in 2 months, I can't wait!
I am totally scared of the subway, so I will have to get tips from you guys.