Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Sitting: Week One

This weekend was my first weekend house sitting my brother’s place. If I were to rate my overall success, I’d give it a 5 out of 10. The list of successes and failures of why I’d give it a poor rating are as follows and in no particular order.


No Sushi Party – unfortunately, I didn’t get to have the sushi party this weekend like I wanted to. The reason why is that the YSA for the region had its yearly “Summit” which consisted of two whole days of spiritual upliftment, dancing, and a luau. Most the people I would invite and would show up went to the luau. Cruddy part is, next weekend is the 4th of July, so I’ll have to wait even longer.

Only two shoe options – my blister on my foot has evolved into a very annoying bruse and I hate it. I have some really great new running shoes that are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my foot, and I would have had to drive all the way home for them. Instead, I suffered through the pain.

I couldn’t figure out the upstairs shower – I have no idea, even after messing with every movable part on the tub faucet and shower head, how to make the water come out of the shower and not the tub faucet. This meant I had to run downstairs in the nude to the shower down there. Sure glad mom and dad didn’t decide to visit at that exact moment.

Brought all my stuff separately – I have two pairs of shorts here, three pairs of socks, two t-shirts, a load of dress shirts (see successes for why I’ve got a load and not just one), two pairs of socks, and two laptops here. And I didn’t really bring a bag, except for the laptop bags. Definitely going to need to pack a weekend travel bag or something from now on.

Couldn’t figure out which remote worked for the VCR – I brought a DVD to watch at night if I got bored and didn’t want to go to bed. I had to watch all the previews.

Forgot my scriptures completely – I had to text Matt early Sunday morning to bring my scriptures to church. I didn’t have them the whole weekend, but I wasn’t about to be scripture-less at church.


Did a load of white shirts – I didn’t want to have to go home to get anything and all my white dress shirts were dirty. I was going to need one for church on Sunday , so I thought I’d just bring them all and wash them in Liz’s machine. Now I’ve got them all done and ready for Sunday and the work week.

Got my chores done – before she left, Liz asked me to water the plants, pick the deadheads off the flowers out front, and vacuum.

Found the best spot for my lappy to pick up a signal for the internet – my brother doesn’t have the internet, but has neighbors with unsecured connections. They found the best spot for their lappy, is sitting either in the lazyboy or the right side of the couch. Mine is sitting on the couch with the laptop on the back, right near the window.

Got some form of AC – my place still needs to the swamp cooler hooked up. I’m in the process of that and it should be completed soon, but it’s nice to be in a place with working AC, even if it is a swamp cooler.

Slept well – I was worried I wouldn’t do well on a foreign bed, since mine has 4 inches of pillow top on it… but I slept just fine and remembered that I really like a firm mattress, even if my new one has made me a little bit of a wus.

Figured out what I’m going to need each weekend – now I know I need a bag for clothes, toiletries, etc. If I need to take work home again, I can probably fit both laptops in one carrier, too.

This is not an exhaustive list of successes and failures, but you get the idea. I’ll let you know how next week goes!


brandyrose said...

i hear you on the blister/bruise blister refuses to heal on my left heel, and every time I put on my walking shoes it lets me know how upset it is :)

i'm glad housesitting (naked shower malfunction aside) is going well...

Katey said...

I didn't know about this house sitting...I might need to come and hang out with you at there place sometime. How long are you housesitting for?

garrett said...

I was going to be here on the weekends for 6 weeks, but it looks like I might be here more than weekends...