Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The NYC subway

I wish that we had a subway here. In figuring out the money spent on car payment, insurance, and gas, you could spend up to about $5oo or more. A monthly pass for the subway--that's unlimited use of trains and buses--is only $88. And that will get you anywhere. Yeah. I hate gasoline.

So once we got off the plane, we found our way using the air train to the actual subway and bought weekly tickets. We went EVERYWHERE using the subway.

At first it was a little weird, but Katey got it down. I thought I might want to figure it out, but she was doing so well at it, I couldn't butt in! Plus, every time we all stopped and gathered together looking at a map, I decided to just step back and watch people to make sure no one was eyeballing backpacks or purses. No one tried to mug us, so I think it worked out.

We even took the subway to our hotel. We totally looked like tourists with our bags and backpacks, but who cares. It felt even more touristy when we were taking pictures of each other on the train!

One downside to taking the subway to the hotel was that we had to walk about a half a mile from the train stop to the hotel. (The hotel said it was about .8 miles, but there's no way it was almost a mile...) Anyway, so we again looked like raging tourists as we walked our luggage down the street.

In one of those pictures, you can see the McDonald's just up ahead. Because everyone was crazy hungry, we decided to stop there for some breakfast.

This is the only picture we got in McDonald's. This is Elissa getting napkins.

I consented, but with the stipulation that we NEVER stop at McDonald's or any other chain again for food. I didn't want to spend money eating at places that are just around the corner in Salt Lake! We didn't follow that stipulation to a T exactly, but we did a good job, I think. (The only other time we stopped in a McDonald's was in China Town, and that was basically to check our wares and rest for a bit.)

Once we got to the hotel, we found out that we had gotten there very early for check-in. I think we were there at like 9:00 a.m. and check-in was at 3:00 p.m. We asked if we could leave our luggage there, and they said they'd let us leave it stacked up in the lobby, but that they weren't responsible for it. We were ok with that, but everyone was so tired! Elissa and Tiff were already lounging on the couch, then I asked if they had wireless internet I could use, and pulled out the lappy. I think that sorta freaked the lady out, so she started checking and our room was empty, so we got to check in early! There was a little hiccup with the two reservations we made; one was thanks to Mary Knapper with a HUGE discount. I told her the wrong check-out date, so we had another reservation for the same room for one day and one night. The woman at the county was a little confused, but figured it out and we went to our room and took a nap! It was actually really nice.

Once we were rested, we decided to take on New York City and started by going to Grand Central Station. But I'll write about that in the next post. ;-)


Tiffanie said...

Nothing like the smell of the New York subway to wake you up in the morning!

garrett said...

Yeah, no kidding! And every morning, there it was! We had to take it every morning from our hotel to do anything else.