Thursday, June 19, 2008

St. Patrick's, Rockefeller Plaza, and Radio City Music Hall

This is all still day one... Man, I'm long winded.

After Grand Central Station, we started walking along the streets. We took a few pictures of the streets and came to St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was pretty sweet. I've always wanted to go to Europe because everything there is so old, it has a lot of culture and meaning. It was weird to see this cathedral in the middle of the big city, in all its Gothic splendor. I took a couple pictures of the outside, hoping to be able to put the two together. Here are the first two pictures.

And here is what I did with photoshop. It doesn't look that great, but you get to see how big it is.

Inside was awesome. I really love cathedrals... even though this is the first one I have actually been inside one. I liked the intricacy of the architecture and the design.

It also made me think that more LDS buildings should have stained glass windows. They are so beautiful. I don't even know the stories that were conveyed in the glass, but it was just so awesome to look at.

I'm pretty sure the guy with the green and white robes is St. Patrick, but I don't know much about his miracles, so maybe a few of the windows were about that and his story. I know he was taken captive to Ireland, but then lived there and became a priest. Then he healed all sorts of people and I think is credited for getting rid of snakes in Ireland? Way to go, Pat.

After we had been inside the cathedral for a while, Mass was about to begin, so we decided to leave. Elisa took a photo of the schedule in case we wanted to come back for Mass, but we never went back. It really was too bad.

After that, we did find a great place to sit... I mean... shop. Across the street from the cathedral was an H&M store. The girls went nuts. This is the picture I took from the "man bench" where all the husbands seemed to be sitting.

Yes, I understand that I'm a little obsessed. But here's my only shot of the other side of the building! I really want to go back there...

After shopping was over, we started walking again and came to part of Rockefeller Plaza. We stopped there to sit for a bit and took some pictures.

Here are a few different views from the little alley we stopped at. Not a scary back alley, but a well-lit, open alley with benches etc. The building picture is the view strait up. And I don't even know what is at 75 Rockefeller Plaza, but there's a picture of it. Made me think of the TV show, 30 Rock.

After our little break, we casually walked upon Radio City Music Hall. And we took WAY too many pictures of the sign. And somehow managed to not get one of us all together. But it was still fun. Here are just a couple pictures.

After that, we took one of those bike cabs to Times Square. You know, where the guy rides his bike and you sit in a little seat in the back? Someone comment and tell me what that is actually called... And when I know what it's called, I'll write the next blog post. Just Times Square and the ride back to the hotel, and I'll finish day one!!! Holy crap, this is taking forever...


Christy said...

It's a rickshaw!

Beth said...

I learned something new today. Thanks for the inqury garrett. Bike taxi's are known by several names: cycle rickshaw, pedicab, bugbug, cyclo, or trishaw.
there ya go..something new!

garrett said...

Excellent work you two. I think I'll be referring to it as a bike taxi. Not quite as cool as "rickshaw," but that name reminds me of the ones in China. "Bike Taxi" sounds more like New York.

P.S. Thanks for actually reading this post! I think most people just check out the pictures and move on...

Jared said...

I love the pictures of the cathedral. I try to visit a cathedral or two when I go out of town. The best one's I have been to are St. Peter and Paul's in Philly and the National Cathedral in DC. There are some great one's in Pittsburgh, too. We should go to the one in SLC sometime. I hear it is pretty amazing.