Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh, S*&%!!!

Those two lovely words entered my head as I pulled down the street to the condo complex where I live.

Usually if I cuss as I turn down the street to my home, it's because I've forgotten something uber-important and only just then remembered what it was. Not this time. I had my Wii and all the accessories, my left over steak (I only ate about two thirds of it. I'm so proud of myself) and a baggy full of keno... keenhow? Kalua? Kanye West? (that's for you, Tiffanie ;-) )... no wait, it's quinoa (really pronounced KEEN-wah) that my sister made. And yes, it is very tasty.

But back to my story. When I got here, there was a fire truck out on the street and a police car with lights flashing, blocking the entrance to my complex. As I drove past him, I could see more cop cars and fire trucks, and that there would be no way for me to get in the parking lot. I said a little prayer that went something like, "Lord, please, please, PLEASE don't let it be my building..." I parked on the street, then went to talk to the officer in the vehicle blocking my way. He said that there was a fire and they were blocking the entrances because they still had water hoses running on the ground, so no cars could get in. I asked if he knew which building it was, and he wasn't sure. So I took my things, and started walking toward my building.

I ran into some other concerned owners and tenants, and asked them if they knew what had happened. They didn't know much, but thought that it was the building in the corner that faces east and west. Because that is my building, I said aloud those two words that had entered my thoughts earlier. I started walking a little more briskly toward my home, and found a fireman talking with a man who appeared to be inebriated, and another group of people standing in their pajamas with their dogs. Apparently, the top unit of the building facing the south side of the pool (it faces south... my building was safe!!!) had caught fire. The possible inebriate was, in fact, drunk and had left a pan on the stove, then "fell asleep" and stayed "asleep" through his fire alarm. I was so relieved it wasn't my building! I felt a little bad not asking if everyone was ok first. Guess I better work on loving my neighbors in addition to the swearing...

Anyway, I did eventually ask if everyone was ok, how bad the damage was, if anyone else was involved or hurt or if any other unit had damage. Everyone was fine, even the drunk guy, and only the top unit was damaged. (Oddly enough, it smelled like someone was barbecuing my mom's family recipe for marinated turkey...) I got to meet a few of the folks that lived in the complex, though. That was kind of nice, but really too bad that the circumstances were what the were.

And now that the adrenaline and worry has left me, the tiredness has kicked in. I hope everyone is really ok and that the neighbors can sleep, even if their houses smell a little like barbecue.


brandyrose said...

wow, that's a scary experience...I'm glad your casa and everyone else's health is fine :)

guess the swearing thing still needs some help, huh? :)

brookey said...

garrett-face, remember how 2 of my family's houses have burned down? yeah, that was fun. so i feel your almost-pain.

oh, also noteworthy: i miss your head off.

Elizabeth Ward. said...

You are lucky that your condo does not smell like BBQ because that could be hard on a guy who is trying to loose 70lbs in 5 months.