Friday, August 29, 2008

20 years ago I was 7

Almost everyone in my family has done this post. I didn't think I would do it, but then I learned a lot about my family. They shared a few things that I didn't think they would and they were really honest. I was intrigued. I'm going to try to remember things from all those years ago and be honest as possible. I'm kind of excited to do it. So here goes...

20 years ago....
1. I was seven years old and getting excited about being baptized. If I recall correctly, it actually happened on October 29th, on week after my birthday. And also if I recall correctly, it was Robbie McCurdy's birthday that day. He was one of my best friends at the time. I don't even know where he is now. I'm pretty sure he got married and had a kid or two...
2. Mrs. Greenhal was my second grade teacher. I called her Mrs. Greenface behind her back like most the kids. She was also the first teacher I outsmarted and made me realize if I was more cleaver than the teacher I would have less work to do. She had this job wall full of activities each kid was supposed to do each week. The bad kids got "contracts" and if they finished like 5 of 30 of those jobs, they'd get candy and be done before the rest of the class. I started being a bad kid. Not bad enough to get a call to my parents, but bad enough to get my own contract. I never "improved" with my contract on the wall, so I never got more than like 10 of those stupid jobs. Take THAT, Mrs. Greenface.
3. The movie, "Big" came out that year. I wondered if something like that could actually happen, and was sort of scared of those fortune teller machines. I also wanted a giant piano to play "Heart and Soul" on.
4. I'm pretty sure I was taking piano and singing lessons from Barbara Bennett. MAN was she a loud singer!!!! (My church singing is a whisper in comparison...) Highlights of singing lessons that may or may not have occurred that year include the following: 1) singing for what could be called the half time show for West Jordan Jr. Miss pageant at the Jordon Ell during the time when the judges meet and tally scores, and 2) trying out for some singing contest, or to sing for radio commercials or something. I can't remember exactly what it was for, but I sang "Cocamo" by The Beach Boys for my audition.
5. Ok, I'm going to cheat a little here. I couldn't think of anything else that happened when I was 7-8, so I looked at Wikipedia. Apparently, Super Mario Brother's 3 was relased in Japan in 1988, but not in North America until 1990, following the movie, The Wizard. I LOVED that movie, and LOVED that game. I remember finding the magic flute solely because my friends and I kept looking for the spot in the game that looked like where the kid in the movie found it. We were so awesome. My favorite power up was that bear that could fly like the racoon leaf power up, but could also turn to stone to elude kupas. Mario 3 still remains the best of the series.

10 years ago....
1. I was getting ready to start my first year of college. I moved in with two guys I knew from marching band and one guy who was the drum major my freshman year of high school. That was a defining year to figure out if I believed the church was true, if I would stand up for my beliefs, and if I would go on a mission. I made some lasting friendships, including Mary and Katey. I also had nearly every stereotypical roomate you can think of in that year alone. THey included jock, band geek, sex adict, frat boy, pot head, suicidal, closet porn adict, and closet gay guy. Yes, I went to church by myself.
2. In that freshman year of college, I decided I didn't want to be a music major. I was pretty good, but didn't practice enough (or want to practice enough) to be a performance major and had ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to be a band teacher. Chelle Leyva was the most influential teacher I had in high school and I look up to her so much, but she may be the most underpaid, underappreciated teacher I have ever known. And while I know there are hundreds of kids she touched forever, I have no desire to do what she did and recieve as little aclaim.
3. With the help of my older brother, I bought the first car I ever owned myself. It cost me $500 and lasted until I came home from my mission and went to college again. It had one of those white oval stickers on the back with the initials BIH. I have no idea to this day what that stands for, but my good friend Mary K. (who, as I mentioned ealier, is one of the friends I met that year) said it meant "Born In Holland," and so that became the name of my car. It was a brown Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera and I bought it from my roommate's sister.
4. I stood up to the big jock I lived with, who had 3 times the muscle mass as I did and worked at Gold's Gym. He was smoking weed in our appartment, we asked him to stop, he didn't so we went to the managers to see if we could kick him out. (By the way, he was not the one I would classify as the pot head... that was Brad. That kid was so quiet and calm until he was high or drunk. Then you couldn't shut him up! But I digress...) The managers were cautious and wouldn't help unless he was actually smoking at the time, but they said they'd talk to him about it. He came home all mad after they talked to him and wanted to know who told the managers on him. My gutless roommate that went to the managers with me didn't say anything, so I told him it was me, that I had asked him to nock it off once before, and I wasn't going to ask again. We got into an argument about it, I thought he might punch me, but I was so ready to kick his ass. I don't think that was the start of my ability to voice my opinion and stand up to people, but it sorta made me realize that big dumb jocks weren't a real threat to me.
5. Jared and Liz lived in Cedar City and were going to school at SUU, too. Or at least Jared was... I think Liz was still going... Anyway, Liz got me this awesome job as a janitor at the Centrum cleaning bathrooms and classrooms at 5 am. Awesome. One of the classrooms I cleaned was the ceramics room. It took mopping up twice to get all the dirt and clay off the floor, and I did that EVERY DAY. Jared started making this bust of himself that year, so I got to see it come to life, and felt like jared was watching me mop up his messes and snicker. He included his glasses in the bust, and a couple of times it had his sunglasses clip-ons on. That was pretty weird. Like this ceramic bust was just chillin' like a villin' on the counter, watching me mop. Sweet.

5 years ago....
1. I was home from my mission and going to school at Utah State. I had decided on a major thanks to a neighbor girl who had recently graduated. She was a grant writer for this company that wrote grants for departments of education, and that sounded fun. (I know, I'm kind of a dork.) More importantly, it sounded like something I could actually make a living on and support a family doing, and still major in English. I met some of my best friends in that program as well, namely Melinda White (currently persuing her doctorate in creative writing and new media [or something like that] in Virginia) and Hollie Doyle (currently my boss).
2. I think it was that year that I met and started dating Tammy. We dated a year before breaking up. She was my first real girlfriend, but it was best that we broke up. It took me a year to realize that it really wasn't going anywhere. And now I've met someone I'm crazy about. So life works out.
3. I started working at Discovery Research Group. I called up people who didn't want to talk to me to ask them to do surveys. We even had a survey that was about frozen pizza that was 30 minutes long. Yeah. That one was a real treat to get stuck with... I later became an editor there and then a trainer, and used it as 6 credits for an internship. In retrospect, it probably would have been a better idea to actually get an intership somewhere else, but my life has worked out so far.
4. I think at this time I was driving my grandpa's old work van. It didn't do well in the cold and had a hard time staying started. Needless to say it didn't do well in Logan. It stalled because of the cold once outside this house, and I scared the woman living there to death when I came to her door to tell her it was my van and it'd be gone in the afternoon when I could get it started again. I later wrote a short story about that van in USU's creative writing club (which I also helped create) that I kinda liked. We affectionately referred to that van as "The Beast."
5. I took a class called "Modern Rhetorical Theory" and it was the best class I have ever taken. I was actually challenged more in this class to think than any other class before or since. And it was a 3000 level class. Dr. Grant-Davie was a superb teacher and wouldn't let the usual English student bull sh*t pass. My research paper was called "Benoit's Image Repair Tactics as Used by Bill Gates During the Microsoft Anti-Trust Trials" and it was the hardest research paper I had ever had to write. Also the one I'm the most proud of.

3 years ago....
1. I graduated from college, and searched for a job. I tried to stay in Logan because I LOVE that place, but it was to no avail. I moved home and got a job as an Employment Counselor for the Department of Workforce Services. Not in my major at all, but there were a few other jobs within the department that I thought I could use my degree in and would be a little more exciting.
2. I moved in with a guy in my singles ward and it was pretty bad. I don't mind the kid now, but living there was a bit horrible. He had all sorts of rules that came up AFTER I started living there, like no girls over after midnight. I didn't go to BYU and I don't like their honor code. It's a little silly, and if you're going to be bad or good, stupid rules like that aren't going to stop you either way. I understand wanting to be a good person and all, but if I was going to fool around with a girl, it would have happened WAY before I was 25. This guy was a bit fanatical in my opinion... and because I wasn't one to keep my mouth shut and take it, we sorta clashed.
3. I made friends with a few people I will probably keep in touch with forever. Matt Lively (who ironically has an older brother that dated my older sister in high school) was later my roommate and Roy Hoffman, who lived in Utah because he served a mission here and wanted an upgrade from his trailer life in Florida. They're both good men and I hope I'll stay friends with them.
4. Gas prices went over $3.00 per gallon. It made me sick. When I started driving it was less than $1 per gallon, and I was baffled at why cars didn't get better gas mileage. I bought into conspiracy theories that gasonline companies were buying out technology or eliminating people who came up with alternatives to combustion engines.
5. I figured out that since graduating from high school, I have lived a total of about 14 months with my parents. I love them to death, but I'm also pretty independent and like to live on my own.

1 year ago....
1. I completed a year at my current job. My boss also had a kid and I was the lone proposal writer for a few months. They were some of the busiest months we had experience. I almost quit twice, but toughed it out and I'm still there. They have a great bennefits package! And I think proposal writing is the most intersting technical writing out there.
2. I bought my condo! After looking for about 4 months, I finally found a place I liked. And I didn't get it. Then I found a place I could sort of live with. And I didn't get it, either. The 5th offer and I finally got my place. I didn't think I would feel such a loss when I didn't get the homes I put offers on. I still remember one of them and I still wish I had it sometimes. It doesn't help that I see it on my drive to work every day.
3. I think I had 1 hair cut in 2007... maybe 2.
4. I started this blog!!!
5. I came up with the award winning costume I had for Halloween last year. I was Wario from the Mario Kart series. I love Halloween, but this may have been my most favorite costume ever. I even dyed some white overalls a dashing shade of purple just for the costume. The Wario character also had a couple spinoff video games, but they didn't do so well. It worked out great because he's chubbier than Mario and so am I. :-)

So far this year.....
1. I lost one roommate to marriage. Congratulations Matt and Christy!
2. I made sushi for the first time. And it was delicious.
3. I helped shingle a roof for the first time. I was kind of a wimp about the heights part of it, but I was still sorta helpful... I think... Jared, Mike, and Tiff can tell you if I was actually any help.
4. I began my carreer as a triathlon pit crew member. I don't think I'll ever want to do a triathlon, but I fully support those who do. The road trip is fun anyway.
5. I actually asked this girl out who I thought was out of my league, and it turns out she actually likes me, too. We have been dating for a while and it is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Hayley, you're the best. Love you. (Ahhh! Did I just say the "L" word on the internet for all to see??! Guess so :-). )

1. I came to Hayley's house and we made ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner. Ok, Hayley made them and I cleaned the table.
2. I went with Hayley to meet the Lambournes. They are an elderly couple in her ward that she is really fond of and they love her to death. She thought it would be nice to bring some pudding over for desert. Then she spilled it on their floor. For no good reason. It was kinda funny and they were real good sports about it. They even had some Resolve carpet cleaner so we cleaned up the mess.
3. I went to lunch with some coworkers to say good bye to one of them who is quitting. His last day was today, actually.
4. I went to the Dodo restaurant to get my phone because I left it there the night before.
5. I went to Hayley's house to get my wallet because I left it there the night before. Yeah, I'm a freakin' scatterbrain, ok?

1. I got up and went to work. Hayley texted me at like 10 and I started to miss her.
2. At work, everyone had gone to this charity golf tournament. It was pretty boring in the office. Even the developer nerds went. I think I might need to take up golfing...
3. I got some groceries at Sams Club with Hayley. We have decided to eat out WAY less these days to lose weight. Oh, and I somehow accidentally got 80 bucks in cash back. The lady handed me my receipt and started counting, "Ok, here's 20, 40, 60..." to which I responded, "Oh, hell! Am I supposed to get that?" The lady told me I had selected 80 dollars cash back and I felt stupid. Hayley laughed at me.
4. Planned a little get-together with Katey and Mary. We're gonna have tin foil dinners and play some Wii tomorrow. Good times!
5. Took FOREVER writing all this crap for a blog entry. Seriously. Did everyone else take hours and hours to fill this out???

The year to come....
1. Maybe move back into my condo? Here's hopin'.
2. Have that sushi party I was supposed to have at Jared and Liz's place while they were in PA. It never happened because everything became routine while I started living there shortly after they left.
3. Lose 70 pounds.
4. Get at least 1 more haircut.
5. Try to be a little more creative with dating Hayley. I mean, I LOVE that I get to see her every day, but that creative side of me needs to come out more. She's not really reaping the benefits of how awesome I am at that sort of thing. But it's still fun to just watch a movie or go for a walk.

Holy crap, that took forever. I tag no one, because I don't want to be responsible for taking hours of your time. But if you wanna do it, let me know so I can read your post. :-)


Hayley said...

accidents always happen for no good reason. its not like i just threw my pudding down cause i was having a tantrum. it jumped out of my hand!

"oh hell" now is comparable to "whoooaaaaa!" & "eff that word"

creative schmeative. i'm reaping plenty of benefits.

this did take FOREVER. goodness! :)

Jared said...

I feel I should be compensated for the time it took me to read this. Your 20, 10, and 5 years ago posts were like posts in a post, a riddle wrapped in a mystery (or something). Really nice job. I agree, I didn't like this tag, but it was really cool to read everyone else's and it was kind of fun to try to remember as I wrote mine. And, yes, this did take me hours to write. I started mine as a Word document and wrote it over two days, then copied it to my blog.

ps. mom IS going to freak when she reads about your roommates.

Oh, and also, it's one thing to not want to be a music performance major, it a whole other thing to quit playing all together. There, my annual "give you a bunch of crap for quitting on your art when you are so freaking talented" speech is done. See you next year.

brandyrose said...

yeah, i was not a fan of the honor code at byu either, especially when i walked in on my roommate having sex with her boyfriend on the living room couch 'cause he wasn't allowed in the bedroom...oy vey!

Tori said...

Fun to read Garrett! Maybe I'll give it a try cuz I think I'm the only sibling who hasn't done it yet. By the way, it's Rhonda Bennett. :)

Tiffanie said...

Yes, this tag took me forever too. I did like Jared and worked on it in word over the course of a few days (when I needed a break from writting the manual I was working on).
You were very helpful with the roof, thanks again for being there to help out.

Tiffanie said...

ps - congrats on the "L" word!

caron said...

That was lovely, Garrett. When I hit the 5 year one, I was so excited that I knew you then! I didn't know so many life decisions had been made then.
I may try this, but it may be a while. Just stay tuned.

em said...

I'm glad you took the time to do that. I'm not as smart as Jared and Tiff, and put it in a Word doc. first, so I spent the an hour at the computer writing. It was fun though, I tend to be very nostalgic, especially lately so this kind of thing appeals to me.

Que Sera said...

Robby McC. has a house in WJ and four kids. Overachiever!!!