Friday, August 29, 2008

House update

I've been waiting to give this one becuase I feel stupid. I made a poor decision and part of the reason I'm not getting any sort of reimbursement for being stuck out of my home is my own fault. Ok, not part, all of it.

When I bought my condo, I was given the option to purchase renter's insurance. I didn't understand the full coverage offered by renter's insurance. I figured that nothing I had was really a huge loss if it was taken. I don't buy lots of stuff. If my TV or DVDs were stolen, I don't really care. I didn't realize that if you have a fire and are kept out of your home, renter's insurance would cover the cost of a hotel or other rent while you're not in your home. So that's my own dang fault.

In other news, my place is getting close to inhabitable, but it will probably not be until mid to late September until I'm back in my house. But to hurry the process along, I need to get to Home Depot to pick paint color and carpet for the one room. They are going to test clean the rest of the carpet and let me know if they are going to need to replace it. My guess is they won't, though.

So that's it. If you've got other questions, let me know. I hate that I don't get to get in my house. And don't worry, I've called everyone, yelled at everyone, asked the HOA why they aren't pushing the contractor harder, yelled at the contractor, and now I feel like it's time to play nice. So ask me any questions, but I think there's not much else to do but wait now.


Tyler and Cassidy said...

I hope that anyone who is renting and reading your post has or GETS RENTERS INSURANCE!! It is so cheap and so worth it if anything were to happen. Say, a fire.
With my experience in insurance, there are a boat load of things you can do to make your premium even less. Like - get a fire extinguisher. We couldn't bring ours in the moving truck from Utah and I think our premium on our new policy is like 40 dollars higher per year. (Total per year in Houston: $275. Total per year in Logan with a fire extinguisher:$110!!) The crime rate is much much higher here. Anyway, good luck getting back in . I hope it works out for you soon.

brandyrose said...

poor garret...