Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to NYC

It's time to get back to blogging about my NYC trip, since I still haven't even finished day one. So here goes.

After Radio City Music Hall, we wanted to get to Times Square. After some prodding and negotiation with the rickshaw driver (thanks for letting me know what those are called, Christy), we decided to actually take it. It was pretty dang funny to see all four of us on the back there! I was certain we were going to kill the guy, but he managed pretty well. Here's some pics.

This is Katey, Me, and part of Tiff. Sweet shot, huh?

This is another attempt to get us all in the pic, but it didn't really get all of us. It is a fun shot of me and Katey, though.

This is Elissa. The way were sitting was me in the middle, Tiff, to my left, Katey on my right, and Elissa on our laps.

The rickshaw driver was nice enough to take our photo a bunch of times on the way, too.

Here we all are! This is just after we got on near Radio City. You can see it just behind us on the left.

This is us in Times Square by the M&M building.

The last picture didn't show us all very well, so the driver took a picture from the back. It didn't work so well either, but it's still one of my favorites of us on the rickshaw.

Oh, also along the way, we got a taste of some authentic and colorful New York City exchanges between pedestrians/bikers and car drivers. While we were riding and laughing like idiots, a car behind us got a little sick of waiting for the driver to get out of the way of traffic, honked at us, and sped off angrily to the side. Because it is New York, there was a light ahead, and the guy had to stop anyway. A guy on his own bike (not a rickshaw, just a normal, New Yorker on a bike) saw what happened and got pissed at the driver on behalf of us. The exchange went something like this.

*Note: I've edited this exchange for my less surly readers. If you don't want to read about the F word being used, you may want to skip this part.

Man on bike: Watch where the eff you're going!!!
Man in car: Eff you!!!
Bike: Get out of the effing car you dumb eff!!!!! You're gonna effing kill someone!
Car: They were in the effing way! Get out of the effing road!
Bike: Get the eff out of the car!!!!
Car: Eff you! I've got kids in here (yeah, all this with his kids about 10 years old in the back seat...)
Bike: Then you should effing know better!!
Car: *drives off*
Bike: Stupid effer.... *bikes away*

Our rickshaw driver tried to calm the guy in the car down, but I think the dude on the bike was a tad more upset. It was sort of a kill-joy moment, but we still had fun.

We went on to time square, took pictures, tried to see if there was another Broadway musical we wanted to go to, and generally made our way through the sea of people there. It really felt like New York there! Here's a few more pics.

This is the typical shot of Times Square. It's probably what you'll see on post cards. Crazy all the advertising and people everywhere.

When we had finally had enough of Times Square, we started looking at Katey's book on where to go next. Tiff took this picture.

I think this is pretty typical of our entire trip. Katey's got her nose in the book, figuring out where to go for our next destination, Elissa was always updating her facebook status and adding pictures to her profile from her phone, Tiff was taking pictures, and I was looking on to make sure no one wanted to rob us, but still having a good time.

Ok, I've got just one more event to finish off day one. We met Luilly (pronounced like Luigi) on the subway, and he directed us to this Mexican restaurant. But I'll tell you all about that in the next NYC post.


Katey said...

REALLY, that was the first picture you needed to put on this blog post? A big ol' profile pic of my flared nostril?? I'll only hate you for a little bit but come on, you couldn't have posted that hideous picture at least second, so it doesn’t pop up right in people's face when they go to read your blog??

That trip was so fun. I'm glad I could have this walk down memory lane. I love that this particular memory lane took me to the time where I have never in my life felt more squished. Good times really! Remember when we didn't tip the guy at Carnegie deli and then ran really fast from the restaurant? That was another great memory! :)

JMoney said...

Word. Very cool exchange between biker and car-er. I lmao'd reading that! Oh, and cool black-rimmed glasses!

Christy said...

You ALL fit in the same rickshaw? I am impressed.