Saturday, August 23, 2008

Google texting

At Holly's request, I am sharing my knowledge of google texting with the world. So here it is:

If you send a text to 466453 (which spells google on a 10-key pad), you can get all sorts of information. You can ask how many people live in china (that's 1,321,851,888, by the way) find addresses and phone numbers to local businesses, what movies are playing, definitions of words, etc. Alls ya gotta do is send the name of the business and the zip code or city and state of the business you want. I use it all the time to find out movie times. It's pretty sweet. Today I used it to find the number to the Best Buy in Jordan Landing. When the text comes back, it's got the address and number, then all you have to do is push send, then the number for the business will come up. And it doesn't cost anything more than just a regular text message.

So that's that. Apparently this sort of information is what blogs are for, according to Holly. And just for good measure, if you don't pay for a text message plan, here's the 800 number for free information as well. 1-800-373-3411.

Guess I can call that my service for the week. Oh, and I fixed Hayley's toilet yesterday. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Holly O. said...

I cannot BELIEVE I didn't know about this. Thanks Garrett. You are the man.

Jared said...

I was going to leave a one word comment for you when I read this,"NERD!" But, then my phone rang and it was my friend from Ohio who just bought an iMac and wanted some help setting up iTunes. Well, a little over an hour later, I think he is set. The best part is that he was asking another friend of ours, one who lives a little closer, all of these questions and she kept telling him, you really should call Jared. So, here's to being tech nerds together. Maybe we could start a home-based "nerding" business while you live with us. Then again, neither of us are here often enough to be of any use to anyone...... NERD!

Hayley said...

jared, i like that nerd. but you got it spot on!

g funk - i've been slightly unimpressed with the answers i'm looking for. only 1 positive feedback so far. but i'll keep trying. ;)

JMoney said...

Did you know that you only have to text 46645? Same results, one less button to push. Ah the perks of a lazy life.

Also, have you heard of chacha? It has proved more useful for me than google texting. You can text 242242 any question you want and someone (a live person, rather than an automated respone...still love ya Google!!!) will respond with the answer!! Smoke that GWard!!!

garrett said...

Holy crap, Jason, you've totally one-upped me. I think I might try this chacha thinger you speak of... or type of... Both Hayley and Holly should be happy to know about it.

garrett said...

oh, and yes, i did know you only had to do 46645... it's just easier to say, "Spell 'google' on a ten-key pad" than to explain that text numbers only started out with 5 digits for simplicity, but because it was easier for google to spell their entire brand name, they got the 3 added later, but both numbers still work. You know?