Saturday, August 2, 2008

A few updates

Because I have been sans-internet at Jared's place, I have not had the ability nor the time to blog. I really need to get the rest of my New York trip all blogged... but that's going to take some time, and I don't have much of that these days. So instead, here are a few updates from the past two weeks, in no particular order.

Work is crazy. In fact, after I get done writing this post, I'll be working on a writing a proposal... yes, it is Saturday.

My house is still burned down. Ok, not really burned down, but still unlivable according to the great city of Taylorsville. They've been having trouble with the stuff for the roof, then it was going to be done last week but they had more trouble ordering trusses or some bull crap, then the roof was supposed to be done the middle of this week but there were crazy rainstorms in Taylorsville that even flooded some other condominiums. And I become increasingly annoyed when calling the guy in charge of getting me back into my house.

I'm spending nearly every day with Hayley. She's pretty great. All the crap that is going on is easier to deal with when there is someone that makes me so happy every day. I even find a little time to see her when she has back to school night and is staying at a work friend's house because she's being nice enough to let Brooke's family stay at her place for the weekend. Oh, and I may or may not have heard her fart. I may or may not have farted first... At least she was in the other room trying to hide it, but it was a loud one!

Matt and Christy got married. I was even going to post a little ditty congratulating them and sharing the song I wasn't able to sing to them at their wedding due to limitations with the sound system. But due to cruddy connections, attaching a song to my blog is nigh impossible. But congrats you crazy kids.

Brooke and Chris got married. And man was it HOT! Both the weather and the newly wed couple. Brooke and Chris started laughing at the end of the ceremony. You know, like that laughing you get in church when someone saying the prayer says "Our dear, kind, Heavenly Father" so fast that you think they said "Our dark and hairy father" and you know it's totally inappropriate to think that sort of thing is funny, which makes it even harder to stop laughing? Well, that's what they were doing. But it was an awesome ceremony and I know they're going to be happy.

And that's about it. I'm sure there were other things, and I vaguely remember having thought a few times this last week, "I should blog about that..." but nothing comes to mind right now. I'll try to update a little more often, but that first thing on the list might be taking a LOT of my time for the next few weeks... and the third thing.


Hayley said...

you definitely farted first. twice, in fact. how embarrassing. at least i was a lady & went into the other room. thanks though - my head is now permanently hung in shame.

Bonny said...

garrett, you're funny. i missed your blog and I'm glad you came back to your blog.

Heather said...

Sounds like things are going well, but busily, with you (other than that whole house thing). It was good to see you at Matt and Christy's wedding! Hayley is cute...way to go!

Tyler and Cassidy said...

Oh man, I think I would go nuts without my own home sweet home. We hope you get back to normal(ish) soon!

Tori said...

I've never heard "Our dark and hairy father." I'll have to keep my ears open from now on. You make me laugh!